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Diligent and dedicated buyers agents

Earth Property - Buyers agent Southern Highlands

Earth Property houses the perfect combination of skills and experience to represent discerning buyers in the Southern Highlands property market. Adam Marsden and Katie Marsden are passionate about providing a world-class buyers agent service to help their clients secure a dream home.

Outstanding communicators with an extensive network of real estate agents and trades professionals, they both have personal experience with the buying process, across different life stages. Their latest purchase is their family home, a rewarding experience they are committed to achieving for Earth Property’s clients.

Adam Marsden

Buyers agent

With Adam’s professional background in building and project management, he can provide insights on every detail. As a buyers agent, he brings his expert knowledge as a:

  • licensed builder
  • property inspector
  • property and facilities manager
  • licensed real estate agent
  • licensee in charge.

Earth Property’s clients appreciate Adam’s ability to spot the potential in properties he inspects, reliably giving genuine, holistic, objective advice on the renovations or alterations that will be required for the home to meet the buyer’s brief perfectly.

Earth Property - Buyers agent - Adam Marsden
Earth Property - Buyers agent Southern Highlands
Earth Property - Buyers agent Southern Highlands

“I aim to deliver a unique service where you can feel confident you’re in safe hands, and that you’re getting the best property possible for your budget.”

Adam Marsden

Earth Property - Property Acquisitions Specialist - Katie Marsden

Katie Marsden

Property Acquisition Specialist

Katie is a multi award-winning salesperson and negotiator. Her professional background in the medical field saw her making sizeable deals in high-pressure environments.

Her depth of knowledge and evidence-based decisions quickly help her to establish trusting relationships.

Transferring her skill set to the property market in the Southern Highlands has been rewarding – particularly for Earth Property’s clients. Katie ensures property buyers feel confident, safe and well-represented and that their purchases are a hassle-free journey, from search to settlement.

“We make sure our clients feel supported throughout the whole process, right up until settlement, and beyond.”

Katie Marsden

Earth Property - Buyers agent Southern Highlands

Buyers agents who understand your needs

Together, Adam and Katie take time to understand exactly what you are looking for. They cultivate valuable relationships with local real estate agents, as well as services and trades professionals in the Southern Highlands – the trusted people you’ll need in your buying journey and beyond.

They can recommend the best person for the job, and even engage them on your behalf.

It’s all part of Earth Property’s buyers agent service.

Earth Property - Buyers agent Southern Highlands
We understand the nuances of family life. We work together as a team, in partnership. Our love for family, with our passion for property, helps us make sure Earth Property’s clients are going to be overjoyed with the outcome of securing their dream home.
Earth Property